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Details for anatomical structure: isocortex

EndoNet ID: ENC00163

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isocortex, homogenetic cortex, eulaminate cortex, eulaminate isocortex, homotypic cortex, homotypic isocortex, homotypical cortex, neocortex, Isocortex

General information

The cortex of the cerebral hemispheres which considerably develops in the mammals as the seat of sensitive correlations and of centres of association; the larger part of the mammalian cerebral cortex, distinguished from the allocortex by being composed of a larger number of nerve cells arranged in six layers

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Cytomer cy0036227

Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: brain-derived neurotrophic factor

        • The activation of the 5-HT-2B receptors increase the BDNF mRNA levels within regions of the neocortex. [1]
      • Hormone: fractalkine

      • Hormone: metallothionein 3


      • Receptor: CRF-R1

      • Receptor: TGF-beta type I receptor

      • Receptor: 5-HT-2A

      • Receptor: melatonin receptor type 1B

      • Receptor: OPRL1