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Details for anatomical structure: neutrophil granulocyte

EndoNet ID: ENC00241

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neutrophil granulocyte, neutrocyte, neutrophilic leukocyte, polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocyte, Granulocytus neutrophilicus

General information

granulocytic leukocyte with a multilobed nucleus with up to six segments; they contain substances that destroy bacteria (granules), are able to phagocyte and play a key role in the acute inflammatory reaction

Links to other resources

Cytomer cy0011309

Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: lipocalin 2

        • NGAL expressed in granulocytes and epithelial cells in pathological conditions, such as inflammation and malignancy. [1]
      • Hormone: alpha-AGP

        • AGP, a highly glycosylated polypeptide chain, is expressed in human liver and in other cells, including human breast epithelial cells, endothelial cells, and cultured human granulocytes and monocytes. [2]
      • Hormone: thymosin beta-4

      • Hormone: SLURP-1

      • Hormone: SECTM1

      • Hormone: proteinase 3

      • Hormone: VCAM1 soluble form


      • Receptor: CD14

      • Receptor: IgE receptor