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Details for anatomical structure: peripheral blood lymphocytes

EndoNet ID: ENC00397

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peripheral blood lymphocytes, ,

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Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: SEMA4D


      • Receptor: basigin

      • Receptor: complement C3d receptor

      • Receptor: Annexin-2 receptor

      • Receptor: Ovarian cancer G-protein coupled receptor 1

      • Receptor: FTS receptor

        Induced phenotype:

        • anorexia nervosa
          • Thymulin activity was significantly reduced in the anorexia nervosa patients compared to sex- and age-matched healthy control subjects. The distribution of their peripheral lymphocyte cells into several subsets was not affected. [1]
          • The observed decrease of thymulin activity in this illness might be the consequence of thymic atrophy secondary to malnutrition and/or hormonal disturbances. [1]