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Details for anatomical structure: fat cell of white fat

EndoNet ID: ENC00478

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fat cell of white fat, adipose cell, adipocyte, lipocyte of white fat, Lipocytus unigutturalis

General information

unilocular; deposit and withdrawal of energy (fat); surrounded by a basal lamina

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Cytomer cy0011234

Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: insulin

        Influenced by:

        • beta-3 adrenoreceptor
          in fat_cell
          • b3-Adrenergic receptors (b3-ARs) are expressed predominantly on white and brown adipocytes, and acute treatment of mice with CL 316,243, a potent and highly selective b3-AR agonist, produces a 2-fold increase in energy expenditure, a 50–100-fold increase in insulin levels, and a 40–50% reduction in food intake. [1]
          • CL-mediated effects on insulin levels and food intake and only minimally restored effects on oxygen consumption, indicating that any effect on insulin secretion and food intake, and a full stimulation of oxygen consumption required the presence of b3-ARs in white adipocytes. [1]