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Details for anatomical structure: decidua

EndoNet ID: ENC00489

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decidua, deciduous membrane, Decidua membrana

General information

The mucous membrane of the pregnant uterus that has already undergone certain changes, under the influence of the ovulation cycle, to fit it for the implantation and nutrition of the ovum

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Cytomer cy0021864

Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: relaxin-2 isoform 1

      • Hormone: VCAM1 soluble form

      • Hormone: PrRP31

        • PrRP gene expression was detected in both the placenta and decidua. [1]
        • These tissues expressed PrRP mRNA throughout pregnancy and the level of PrRP mRNA expression somewhat increased during midpregnancy. [1]
        • Placental and decidual cells also expressed PrRP mRNA, in vitro. [1]