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Details for anatomical structure: stratum granulosum

EndoNet ID: ENC00593

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stratum granulosum, granular layer of epidermis, Stratum granulosum epidermidis

General information

A layer of somewhat flattened cells containing basophilic granules of keratohyalin and lying just above the stratum spinosum and deeply to the stratum corneum

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Cytomer cy0000425

Larger structures


      Secreted hormones

      • Hormone: CST6

        • In normal, nonpalmoplantar skin, cystatin M/E is highly expressed in the stratum granulosum. [1]
        • Cystatin M/E is constitutively expressed in the stratum granulosum of normal skin, sebaceous glands, eccrine sweat glands and the infundibular epithelium of hair follicles. [2]