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Details for messenger / hormone: GRP

EndoNet ID: ENH00150

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  • GRP
  • GRP-10
  • gastrin-releasing peptide
  • gastrin releasing peptide

General information

  • GRP is a member of the bombesin family of neuropeptides. [1]
  • GRP does not regulate post-prandial secretion of gastrin from human G-cells. [2]
  • GRP stimulates the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juice and hormones to regulate the immune system, and to modulate smooth muscle contractility. [1]


Hormone function

  • CNS function
    • circadian rhythm / sleep
      • stress response
        • motor activity
        • metabolism
          • nutrient supply

          Chemical classification

          • hormone
            • genome-encoded
              • peptide neurotransmitters


          gastrin-releasing peptide

          UniProt P07492-1

          Links to other resources

          UniProt P07492
          Ensembl ENST00000256857
          KEGG hsa:2922
          • Anatomical structure: ileum

            • GRP is expressed in submucosal cells of the ileum. [1]
          • Anatomical structure: oesophagus

          • Anatomical structure: colon

          • Anatomical structure: pancreas

          • Anatomical structure: rectum

          • Anatomical structure: caecum

          • Anatomical structure: duodenum

          • Anatomical structure: stomach

            Influenced by:

            • GRP-R
              in stomach
              • Stimulation of gastrin release from antral G-cells [3]


          Cellbombesin receptor 3GRP-R
          adrenal cortex Present
          amygdaloid body Present
          astrocyte Present
          caecum Present
          colon Present
          • regulation of epithelial cell proliferation
          duodenum Present
          ileum Present
          • gatrointestinal motility
          oesophagus Present
          pancreas Present
          • positive regulation of pancreatic juice secretion
          • regulation of epithelial cell proliferation
          rectum Present
          stomach Present
          • GRP