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Details for messenger / hormone: secretin

EndoNet ID: ENH00163

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  • secretin
  • SCT

General information

  • Stimulates formation of NaHCO(3)-rich pancreatic juice and secretion of NaHCO(3)-rich bile and inhibits HCl production by the stomach. [1]
  • Retinoic acid activates neuropeptide secretin gene expression by Sp proteins and nuclear factor I. [2]
  • Retinoic acid-induced human secretin gene expression in neuronal cells is mediated by cyclin-dependent kinase 1. [3]
  • Secretin is a hormone-regulating pancreatic exocrine secretion of fluid and bicarbonate, gastric acid secretion, and gastric motility. [4]


Hormone function

  • homeostasis
    • ion flow control

    Chemical classification

    • hormone
      • genome-encoded
        • glucagon family



      UniProt P09683

      Links to other resources

      UniProt P09683
      Ensembl ENST00000176195
      KEGG hsa:6343
      • Anatomical structure: S_cell

      • Anatomical structure: spleen

      • Anatomical structure: pancreas

      • Anatomical structure: supra-optic_nucleus