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Details for messenger / hormone: visfatin

EndoNet ID: ENH00201

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  • PBEF1
  • nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase
  • NAmPRTase
  • Nampt
  • visfatin
  • pre-B cell colony-enhancing factor
  • PBEF
  • pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor 1

General information

  • Adipokine. [1]
  • Visceral fat-specific protein; related to the development of obesity-related diseases like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. [2]
  • Pre-B cell colony-enhancing factor inhibits neutrophil apoptosis in experimental inflammation and clinical sepsis. [3]
  • Has a insulin-mimetic action. [2]
  • 52kDa secreted protein. [4]
  • 2 isoforms: isoform a and isoform b.
  • Visfatin corresponds to a protein identified previously as pre-B cell colony-enhancing factor (PBEF), a 52-kilodalton cytokine expressed in lymphocytes. [5]
  • IL1B and TNF indirectly increase the mRNA abundance of human PBEF1.
  • Insulin-mimetic action on various tissues including liver, muscle, and fat. [6]
  • Preferentially produced by visceral adipose tissue. [2]
  • Visfatin binds to and activates the insulin receptor. [5]


Hormone function

  • metabolism
    • nutrient supply

    Chemical classification

    Links to other resources

    UniProt P43490
    Ensembl ENST00000441045
    KEGG hsa:10135
    • Anatomical structure: fat_cell

    • Anatomical structure: adipose_tissue


    Cellinsulin receptor
    alpha cell of islet of Langerhans Present
    • glucagon
    arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus Present
    • NPY
    • AGRP
    • alpha-MSH
    • insulin
    basophil corticotroph cell of anterior pituitary Present
    • tertiary adrenal insufficiency
    • ACTH
    • lipotropin beta
    beta cell of islet of Langerhans Present
    • Diabetes mellitus type 2
    • Leprechaunism
    • Diabetes mellitus type 1
    • Maturity onset diabetes of the young
    • Insulimona
    • Hypoglycemia
    • insulin receptor substrate 1
    • insulin
    continuous vascular endothelial cell of blood vessels and lymphatics Present
    • annexin A2
    • NO
    fat cell Present
    • VEGF-165
    • IL-8
    • leptin
    heart Present
    skeleton muscle Present