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Details for messenger / hormone: PDGFC

EndoNet ID: ENH00322

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  • PDGF-C
  • VEGF-E
  • spinal cord-derived growth factor
  • PDGF C
  • platelet-derived growth factor C
  • fallotein

General information

  • Platelet-derived growth factors, such as PDGFC, are major mitogens and stimulants of motility in mesenchymal cells, such as fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells, and also act on other cell types, including capillary endothelial cells and neurons. [1]
  • [2]


Hormone function

  • development and growth
    • growth stimulation

    Chemical classification

    Links to other resources

    UniProt Q9NRA1
    Ensembl ENST00000274071
    KEGG hsa:56034
    • Anatomical structure: prostate

      • Identification of a novel platelet-derived growth factor-like gene, fallotein, in the human reproductive tract. [3]
    • Anatomical structure: testis

    • Anatomical structure: uterus

    • Anatomical structure: spleen

    • Anatomical structure: thymus

    • Anatomical structure: small_intestine


    fibroblast Present
    • proliferation of fibroblasts