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Details for messenger / hormone: neuromedin N

EndoNet ID: ENH00473

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  • NmN-125
  • neurotensin/neuromedin N
  • neuromedin N
  • NmN
  • NN

General information

  • NT and NMN, two biologically active peptides acting via the same specific receptor, are both able to stimulate in vivo the proliferative activity of rat adrenocortical cells. [1]
  • ANG-II mediates the proliferogenic effect of NMN, but not that of NT. [1]
  • Prohormone convertases differentially process pro-neurotensin/neuromedin N in tissues and cell lines. [2]


Hormone function

Chemical classification

  • hormone
    • genome-encoded
      • peptide neurotransmitters
        • neurotensins


    Neuromedin N peptide


    Links to other resources

    UniProt P30990
    Ensembl ENST00000256010
    KEGG hsa:4922
    • Anatomical structure: enteroendocrine_cell_of_gastrointestinal_tract

    • Anatomical structure: corpus_striatum

    • Anatomical structure: nucleus_accumbens


    Cellneurotensin receptor type 1
    brain Present
    • eating behavior
    caudate nucleus Present
    central nerve system element Present
    • modulation of dopaminergic transmission
    • pituitary hormone release
    • eating behavior
    colon Present
    duodenum Present
    • lipid digestion
    nucleus accumbens Present
    pancreas Present
    putamen Present
    stomach Present
    • decrease in gastric acid secretion