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Details for messenger / hormone: laminin alpha-5 chain

EndoNet ID: ENH00522

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  • laminin-15 subunit alpha
  • laminin-11 subunit alpha
  • laminin-10 subunit alpha
  • laminin subunit alpha-5
  • laminin alpha-5 chain
  • laminin alpha 5 chain
  • LAMA5

General information

  • Laminin-15 complex is an heterotrimer composed of three chains (alpha-5/beta-2/gamma-3) which are bound to each other by disulfide bonds into a cross-shaped molecule comprising one long and three short arms with globules at each end. [1]
  • Function: may be involved in the regulation of tumor cell migration. [2]


Hormone function

  • development and growth
    • cancer / metastasis

    Chemical classification

    Links to other resources

    UniProt O15230
    Ensembl ENST00000252999
    KEGG hsa:3911
    • Anatomical structure: brain

    • Anatomical structure: placenta

    • Anatomical structure: heart

    • Anatomical structure: kidney

    • Anatomical structure: lung

    • Anatomical structure: skeleton_muscle

    • Anatomical structure: pancreas

    • Anatomical structure: retina

    • Anatomical structure: epithelial_cell


    CellB-CAMIntegrin alpha-3integrin alpha-3/beta-1
    blood Present
    bone marrow Present
    brain Present
    continuous vascular endothelial cell of blood vessels and lymphatics Present
    • glomerulogenesis
    keratinocyte Present
    kidney Present
    placenta Present
    red blood cell Present
    skeleton muscle Present
    smooth muscle cell Present
    • smooth muscle cell migration