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Details for messenger / hormone: NOV

EndoNet ID: ENH00575

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  • CCN family member 3
  • nephroblastoma-overexpressed gene protein homolog
  • insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 9
  • NOV
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed gene
  • CCN3
  • IGFBP-9
  • IGFBP9
  • NovH
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed gene protein homolog
  • protein NOV homolog
  • oncogene NOV

General information

  • Nephroblastoma overexpressed gene codes for a growth factor that induces protein tyrosine phosphorylation. [1]
  • The nephroblastoma overexpressed gene (NOV/ccn3) protein associates with Notch1 extracellular domain and inhibits myoblast differentiation via Notch signaling pathway. [2]
  • NOV/CCN3 induces adhesion of muscle skeletal cells and cooperates with FGF2 and IGF-1 to promote proliferation and survival. [3]
  • Member of the CCN family of proteins, cysteine-rich. [1]
  • The secreted NOVH protein physically interacts with the C-proximal part of fibulin 1C, an extracellular matrix protein that interacts with several signaling factors. [4]
  • NOV (nephroblastoma overexpressed) provided the first example of a CCN protein with negative regulatory properties and the first example of aberrant expression being associated with tumour development. [5]
  • NOV plays an important role in neuronal differentiation. [6]


Hormone function

  • development and growth
    • growth stimulation

    Chemical classification

    • hormone
      • genome-encoded
        • CCN family

      Links to other resources

      UniProt P48745
      Ensembl ENST00000259526
      KEGG hsa:4856
      • Anatomical structure: central_nerve_system_element

      • Anatomical structure: cerebellar_cortex

      • Anatomical structure: hippocampus

      • Anatomical structure: kidney

      • Anatomical structure: mammary_gland

      • Anatomical structure: spinal_cord


      Cellintegrin alpha-5/beta-1integrin alphaV/beta3Notch1
      endothelial cell Present
      • endothelial cell adhesion
      • positive regulation of endothelial cell migration
      epithelial cell Present