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Details for messenger / hormone: LTD4

EndoNet ID: ENH00588

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  • LTD4
  • leukotriene D4
  • cysteinyl leukotriene D4
  • 5S-hydroxy-6R-(S-cysteinylglycinyl)-7E,9E,11E,14Z-eicosatetraenoic acid

General information

  • LTD4 modulates brain edema. [1]
  • The LTD4 potentiation of vascular contraction is mediated through peptido-leukotriene-receptor stimulation. [2]
  • LTD4 has a beneficial role in the acute respiratory distress syndrome. [3]
  • LTD4 activates a chloride conductance in hepatocytes isolated from rats treated with Endotoxin or primed in vitro with TNF-alpha. [4]
  • LTD4 stimulates ciliary activity, but impairs the orientation of cilia in rat and in human tissue. [5]
  • LTD4 increases free beta-catenin and targets it to the nucleus. [6]
  • High concentration of LTD4 causes liver weight gain by substantial post-sinusoidal constriction. [7]
  • LTD4 mediates the increase in airway responsiveness and the increase in airway smooth muscle following repeated antigen exposures. [8]
  • LTD4 mediates the alterations of colonic transit immediately observed after intracolonic trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid administration. [9]
  • LTD4 is enhanced in rat hearts with chronic myocardial infarction. [10]
  • LTD4 stimulates the synthesis from lamina propria cells of cyclooxygenase metabolites that induce electrogenic Cl- secretion via serotonergic receptors. [11]
  • LTD4 inhibits selectively the particulate guanylate cyclase and the response activated by atrial natriuretic factor. [12]


Hormone function

  • homeostasis
    • ion flow control

    Chemical classification

    • hormone
      • not genome-encoded
        • eicosanoids/fatty acid derivatives
          • leukotrienes


      Links to other resources

      KEGG C05951
      LIPID MAPS LMFA03020006
      LipidBank XPR3301


        adrenal gland Present
        colon Present
        heart Present
        lung Present
        pancreas Present
        peripheral blood leukocytes Present
        placenta Present
        small intestine Present
        smooth muscle Present
        spleen Present