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Details for messenger / hormone: neuromedin-K

EndoNet ID: ENH00623

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  • neuromedin-K
  • NKB
  • tachykinin-3
  • TAC3
  • neuromedin K
  • tachykinin 3
  • NKNB
  • neurokinin B

General information

  • Neurokinin B and its cognate neurokinin-3 receptor are expressed more in the forebrain than in brain stem structures. [1]
  • Neurokinin B (NKB) is a neuropeptide with a vasopressor effect belonging to the tachykinin family. [2]
  • NKB secreted from the placenta during pregnancy enters both the maternal and fetal circulation. [2]
  • Neurokinin B could be involved in pregnancy haemodynamic adaptation via nitric oxide production. [3]


Hormone function

  • homeostasis
    • cardiovascular control
    • reproduction and sexual differentiation
      • reproduction

      Chemical classification

      • hormone
        • genome-encoded
          • peptide neurotransmitters
            • tachykinins


        beta tachykinin 3

        UniProt Q9UHF0-1

        Links to other resources

        UniProt Q9UHF0
        Ensembl ENST00000458521
        KEGG hsa:6866


          Cellneurokinin-2 receptorNK-3RSPR
          corpus striatum Present
          • sensory perception of pain