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Details for messenger / hormone: soluble mesothelin

EndoNet ID: ENH00802

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  • soluble mesothelin
  • SMR
  • mesothelin, cleaved form
  • MSLN
  • MPF
  • soluble mesothelin-related protein
  • SMRP

General information

  • A soluble 42–45-kDa protein with an NH2-terminal amino acid sequence, identical to that of the membrane-bound portion of mesothelin. [1]
  • The small amount of mesothelin shed into the serum could make it a valuable diagnostic tool in cancers that express mesothelin. [1]
  • Mesothelin is up-regulated by Wnt-1. [1]


Hormone function

  • development and growth
    • cancer / metastasis

    Chemical classification

    Links to other resources

    • Anatomical structure: mesothelial_cell

      • Mesothelin and its soluble isoforms (SMRP) are synthesized by mesothelial cells but only in a state of serious pathology such as carcinogenesis. [2]


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