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Details for messenger / hormone: ECM1b

EndoNet ID: ENH00869

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  • ECM1-2
  • extracellular matrix protein 1 isoform 2
  • secretory component p85 isoform 2
  • extracellular matrix protein 1 short isoform
  • ECM1b
  • extracellular matrix protein 1 short variant
  • secretory component p85
  • extracellular matrix protein 1

General information

  • ECM1 inhibits MMP9 proteolytic activity. [1]
  • Both the ECM1a and ECM1b isoforms are able to stimulate blood vessel endothelial cell proliferation, and to promote angiogenesis. [2]
  • ECM1b variant lacks exon 7 and the translated protein is 415 amino acids long. [1]
  • Extracellular matrix protein 1, an approximately 85-kDa glycoprotein with broad tissue distribution, harbors mutations in lipoid proteinosis, a heritable disease characterized by reduplication of basement membranes and hyalinization of dermis, associated with neurologic disorders. [1]
  • Expression of ECM1 in human skin is decreased by age and increased upon ultraviolet exposure. [3]


Hormone function

  • homeostasis
    • cardiovascular control
    • development and growth
      • growth stimulation

      Chemical classification

      Links to other resources

      UniProt Q16610
      Ensembl ENST00000369047
      KEGG hsa:1893
      • Anatomical structure: keratinocyte

      • Anatomical structure: skin

      • Anatomical structure: stratum_spinosum

      • Anatomical structure: tonsil

      • Anatomical structure: respiratory_organ


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