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Details for messenger / hormone: sACE2

EndoNet ID: ENH00924

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  • sACE2
  • soluble form of ACE2
  • angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 extracellular N-terminal domain

General information

  • Blocks the binding of the SARS-CoV spike protein to its receptor. [1]
  • Lacks cytosolic and transmembrane domains. [1]
  • ADAM17 mediates regulated ectodomain shedding of the SARS-CoV receptor, ACE2. [1]


Hormone function

  • immune response
    • activation

    Chemical classification

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      astrocyte Present
      brain Present
      cerebellar cortex Present
      cerebral cortex Present
      continuous vascular endothelial cell of blood vessels and lymphatics Present
      • regulation of angiogenesis
      hippocampus Present
      keratinocyte Present
      lung Present
      macrophage Present
      monocyte Present
      • ectodomain shedding
      neuron Present
      neutrophil granulocyte Present
      • ectodomain shedding
      T-lymphocyte Present
      • ectodomain shedding
      uterus Present