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Details for messenger / hormone: D-aspartate

EndoNet ID: ENH01055

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  • D-aspartate
  • d-aspartic acid
  • D-Asp

General information

  • D-Asp plays a role in modulating AMPAR-mediated fast excitatory synaptic transmission. [1]
  • D-Asp plays an important role in the neuroendocrine system, as well as in the development of the nervous system. [2]
  • Three pathways of D-Asp release in mammalian cells: 1) spontaneous, continuous release of cytoplasmic D-Asp, which is not associated with a specific stimulus; 2) release of cytoplasmic D-Asp via a volume-sensitive organic anion channel that connects the cytoplasm and extracellular space; 3) exocytotic discharge of vesicular D-Asp. Under certain conditions, D-Asp can be released via a mechanism that involves the L-Glu transporter. [3]


Hormone function

  • CNS function
  • development and growth
    • embryogenesis

    Chemical classification

    • hormone
      • not genome-encoded
        • amino acids
          • aspartic acids

      Links to other resources

      KEGG C00402


        astrocyte Present
        • excitotoxcicity
        • termination of excitatory nerve signals
        • motor neuron loss
        bergmann glia Present
        • neuronal hyperexcitability
        • termination of excitatory nerve signals
        hippocampus Present
        oligodendrocyte Present
        • excitotoxcicity
        Purkinje cell Present
        • glutamate transport
        red nucleus Present
        substantia nigra Present