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Details for receptor: RANK

EndoNet ID: ENR00716

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  • RANK
  • RANK receptor
  • TNF receptor superfamily member 11a
  • receptor activator of NF-kappaB
  • ODFR
  • osteoclast differentiation factor receptor
  • CD265 antigen

General information

  • Osteoclast precursors express RANK, and the interaction between RANKL and RANK (which is inhibited by OPG) is the major determinant of osteoclast formation. [1]

Links to other resources

UniProt Q9Y6Q6
Ensembl ENST00000382790

Binding hormones

    • Under permissive levels of M-CSF, binding of osteoblast-derived RANKL to the receptor RANK induces differentiation of osteoclast precursors to prefusion osteoclasts. OPG blocks this effect by neutralizing RANKL. [2]

Anatomical structures with this receptor

  • osteoclast