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Details for receptor: sst5

EndoNet ID: ENR00739

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  • sst5
  • sst(5)
  • SSTR5
  • somatostatin receptor 5

General information

  • SSTR5 colocalized with glucagon in 35 of alpha-cells. [1]
  • SSTR5 was also an abundant isotype, being colocalized with insulin in 87% of beta-cells. [1]
  • SSTR5 was preferentially expressed in 75% of SST-positive cells and was the principal delta-cell SSTR subtype. [1]
  • Belongs to the seven transmembrane domain receptor family. [2]

Links to other resources

UniProt P35346
Ensembl ENST00000397547

Binding hormones

  • cortistatin
    • CST-17 and its rodent homologue CST-14 both bind nonselectively and with nanomolar affinities to all five somatostatin receptor subtypes in vitro. [3]
  • somatostatin
    • Works better with SST-28 than with SST-14.
  • somatostatin-14
  • somatostatin-28

Anatomical structures with this receptor

  • basophil_thyrotroph_cell_of_anterior_pituitary


    • negative TSH
  • brain

  • pituitary_gland_of_diencephalon


    • negative PRL
      • PRL secretion was inhibited in sst5-expressing tumors [4]
    • negative ACTH
      • Selective sst5 activation regulates sst2 signaling resulting in an inhibition of ACTH secretion from pituitary tumor cells. [5]
  • acidophil_somatotroph_cell_of_anterior_pituitary


    • negative GH
      • SSTR2 and SSTR5 mediate suppression of GH and TSH secretion. [6]
      • SRIF and CST similarly inhibited (p < 0.05) spontaneous GH secretion of about 90%. [7]
      • Somatostatin induced inhibition of GH secretion is mediated through (SSTR) 2 and 5. [8]
  • stomach

  • alpha_cell_of_islet_of_Langerhans


    • negative glucagon
  • D_cell


    • negative somatostatin
  • beta_cell_of_islet_of_Langerhans


    • negative insulin