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Details for receptor: thyroid hormone receptor

EndoNet ID: ENR00934

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  • T3R-alpha
  • thyroid hormone receptor

General information

Links to other resources

Binding hormones

  • T3

Anatomical structures with this receptor

  • chondrocyte

    Induced phenotypes

    • chondrocyte hypertrophy
      • Thyroid hormones are important systemic regulators of chondrocyte hypertrophy. [1]
  • thymic_epithelial_cell


    • positive Thymulin
      • The thyroid axis also influences thymulin secretion. Thus, T4 has been shown to stimulate thymulin synthesis and secretion in mice. [2]
      • In vivo treatment of mice with triiodothyronine enhanced thymulin secretion. [3]
      • Thyroid hormones stimulate thymulin secretion by a direct action on TEC. [4]
  • thyroid_gland

    Induced phenotypes

    • Toxic multinodular goitre
      • Toxic multinodular goitre is a form of hyperthyroidism caused be excessive production of thyroid hormones. [5]
    • Hyperthyroidism
      • Resistance to thyroid hormone is an uncommon disorder, characterized by elevated circulating thyroid hormones with nonsuppressed thyrotropin levels, reflecting resistance within the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis but variable refractoriness to hormone action in peripheral tissues. [6]
    • Hypothyroidism
      • Hypothyroidism can be a result of either an absent thyroid gland or a deficiency in stimulating hormones from the hypothalamus or pituitary. [7]