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Details for receptor: pre-BCR

EndoNet ID: ENR01142

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  • pre-BCR
  • pre-B cell receptor

General information

  • Heparan sulfates and galectin-1 are stromal cell-derived pre-BCR ligands. [1]
  • The pre-BCR is involved in the down-regulation of the IL-7 receptor and stem cell factor receptor(c-kit) expression. [2]
  • Galectin-1 is a stromal cell ligand of the pre-B cell receptor (BCR) implicated in synapse formation between pre-B and stromal cells and in pre-BCR triggering. [3]
  • Clustering of pre-B cell integrins induces galectin-1-dependent pre-B cell receptor relocalization and activation. [4]
  • Expression of pre-BCR leads to activation of the adaptor protein BLNK and the cytoplasmic kinasse Btk. [2]

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Binding hormones

  • galectin-1

Anatomical structures with this receptor