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Details for receptor: CD6

EndoNet ID: ENR01192

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  • CD6
  • T-cell differentiation antigen CD6
  • T12
  • TP120

General information

  • CD6 is expressed on the surface of mature T cell and chronic B cell lymphocytic leukemia. [1]
  • CD6 mediates early cell-cell interactions needed for immunological synapse maturation to proceed. [2]
  • Cell surface receptor belonging to the scavenger receptor cysteine-rich protein superfamily. [1]
  • CD6 is a cell surface receptor expressed on immature thymocytes and mature T and B1a lymphocytes. [2]
  • CD6 is a T cell surface glycoprotein that plays an important role in interactions of thymocytes with thymic epithelial cells and in mature T cell interactions with selected nonprofessional tissue APCs. [3]

Links to other resources

UniProt P30203
Ensembl ENST00000452451

Binding hormones

  • sALCAM

Anatomical structures with this receptor

  • T-lymphocyte

  • thymocyte

  • B-lymphocyte

  • lymphocyte